Team & history

die Besitzer Restaurant Colorado La Gomera

It all started in 1988 on the Balearic island of Mallorca. There Jochim Dubbels opened together with his wife a small restaurant in the popular holiday resort Portocolom. This established itself relatively fast and became in the course of the time a small insider tip on the island.

In search of a new destination and a new challenge, the two finally landed in 2008 on the island of La Gomera, which had been untouched by mass tourism. It quickly became clear that this was the right place to open another restaurant. That was the birth of the Restaurant Colorado. The offer of good restaurants and high-quality food was still relatively small at that time and so the two managed also this time to work out a culinary name on La Gomera relatively fast.

In 2018, Jochim Dubbels finally handed over the restaurant to his son Cornelis, who successfully completed his training as a cook at the Hotel Alsterkrug and worked in the Restaurant Colorado right from the start. His fun-loving and friendly partner Viviane, who manages the service department, is still at his side today.

Cornelis is very keen to experiment and so he created his own "soul food" menu to pamper his guests at the highest culinary level. To this day, the two of them run the Restaurant Colorado out of conviction and with the aim of satisfying their guests, and they make no compromises when it comes to quality, service, raw materials and furnishings.